Neel K. Sanghi's Odyssey Bustour, The Grandest Bustour in History! Some conversion tour busses
You can be a part of Neel K. Sanghi's North American Odyssey Tour 2004. Tour The North American Continent's greatest destinations along with my fleet of the elite: select artists, scientists, musicians, gourmet chefs, and entertainers on the Grandest Bus Tour in history. Check this site for tour updates.

The tour is 100% non-profit and for the advancement of one's self. Virtually anyone with a Touring Bus and an interest can come.

Standards for Living, Quality of life = High Moral
Ideally each member on the tour will have their own private touring bus. This is so each individual has a whopping 325 sq. ft of living space. Which is equivalant to what the average middle class American is accustomed to having in for themselves in their household (1200-2500 sq. foot home divided by 4 people = 300-700 sq. feet per person).

Standards of living and personal space, and hygiene are being addressed as the number one priority on the tour. It is important that each individual is at their peak health, mentally and physically. Each of us will be inhaling enormous amounts of sensory input from new sounds, new climates, new sceneray, new terrain, dialects, accents, people, etc. etc. It is important that each individual is able to wash their own clothes, bath regularly, rest peacefully, and eat healthy and affordably in each new enviroment for up to 14 consecutive days in any one place. For this reason all busses are suggested to be equiped with the following:

  • Washer/Dryer
  • Full Bath
  • Complete Kitchen
  • Air Condition
  • Power Generators and UPS system
  • Refridgerator
  • Telephone
  • Satellite Dish
  • GPS
  • Internet Capable PC
  • Intranet Capable PC
  • Auxilary vehicle (moped, goped, motorcycle, car, bicycle)

Forty foot long diesel busses can be purchased as low as 1000 dollars that run well enough to convert into a very nice touring bus. The rest of the stuff can be made or bought with great quality and extremely economically (be resourceful here people).

How The Tour Works:

The way the tour works is you check this website for GPS coordinates and corresponding event. If you are interested, then let us know and meet me and the rest of the tourists/explorers at those coordinates. It's important you check the site to prepare for climatic changes, appropriate attire, event syllabis, safety-risk level of the activities, etc. etc.

There will be some V.I.P. coordinates and those may be kept for my seclusion or private interest (such as scientific research). :o) You may also post feedback and donate your talent to share with others on the tour. The tour is for the greater good of species overall as well as ourselves.

VIP Status

Most everyone on the tour will contribute or share some knowledge, skill, talent, or beauty. Chef's will cook fantastic meals; musicians will play soothing music; welders will fabricate; etc, etc, etc. The only exception to this is if I, Neel K. Sanghi, has personally invited you on the tour in which you will be instantly granted access to the V.I.P. GPS coordinates. V.I.P.'s on the tour are close friends of mine, persons I admire or highly respect, perhaps for their beauty, tacit knowledge, or shear sentimental value. The objective behind this system is to be around positive, beautiful, informative, supportive (overall interesting) people.

Combine all of this and what do you get? The most interesting, healthy and productive lifestyle possible. :o)

Neel K. Sanghi scaling of Red Bluffs, Mississippi USA in 1997
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